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Sip Your Way Through Montgomery County

After a stroll through the streets of our local towns, it will dawn on you that it’s five o’clock somewhere. Why not head over to Rising Silo Brewery and Farm, one of southwest Virginia’s farm-based breweries? Located on Glade Road Growing, at Rising Silo you’ll find beers brewed with exclusively organic malts and water from the farm’s well. Brew master Greg Zielske also sources produce from other local farms to develop creative seasonal options. Additionally, the brewery utilizes green energy through the power of 113 solar panels that provide 31 kW of solar energy, as well as a solar hot water system.

While you’re there, pull up a stool (or chair) at Tabula Rasa on Glade, the farm kitchen at Glade Road Growing. You can’t get more farm-to-table than when the table’s actually on the farm! Featuring produce, meat, poultry and eggs from right there at Glade Road Growing, Tabula Rasa also sources nearly all or their grains, cheese and oils from Southern Appalachia farms and mills that prioritize organic growing.

At Eastern Divide, treat yourself to an array of different beer styles and flavors for all seasons and occasions. Eastern Divide brews with all Virginia grains provided by Murphy and Rude Malting, lending an authentically local taste to all their brews, and supporting local Virginia agriculture in the process. Eastern Divide also has begun fermenting beers in oak barrels previously used for products like bourbon, wine and maple syrup, adding a greater variety of flavor. When you get hungry, Feast & Company, local to the New River Valley, has its own kitchen at Eastern Divide to feed the brewery’s visitors. serving farm inspired cuisine combining both rustic and refined flavors with the best local ingredients.

Another local favorite, Moon Hollow Brewing Company, boasts an inviting venue where people from all walks of life can connect over fresh, local brews. Named for the small plot of land behind the brewery space, the brewery treats patrons to a variety of locally influenced flavors, from a grapefruit ginger sour to a traditional Hefeweizen. While Moon Hollow does not have its own kitchen (yet), local food trucks are often on site in case you get the munchies.

Next, head to Christiansburg to enjoy Iron Tree Brewing’s wide variety of beers. The tasting room has an industrial feel with a relaxing atmosphere. With a beer for everyone’s taste buds, plenty of seating and in-house board games, Iron Tree is the perfect place to enjoy good company and good brews! Hankering for some food to pair with your beer? Iron Tree hosts a variety of local food trucks on different days of the week to satisfy those cravings.  

A Weekend at Beliveau Farm Winery

Award Winning Wines and Gluten Free Beer

A true testament to the wine made at Beliveau is their show stopping vintages that win awards annually. Made with love in Virginia, the grapes grown are tended to and watched over by Joyce and Yvan, the owners of Beliveau Farm Winery. The first grapes were planted in 2009, and since then the grapes are not only featured in the wine! The chef at Beliveau concocted a gourmet pizza topped with grapes fresh off the vine. This unexpected combination is perfect for pairing with a glass of their red or white wines. 

If your tastebuds are more inclined to hopps than grapes, the team at Beliveau has created a gluten-free beer from ancient grains. With each new season, new flavor profiles are offered. If you and gluten are not on speaking terms, the entire brewing process is dedicated to gluten free practices. Sample the beers and kick back to activate a tranquil afternoon. 

Exploring Beliveau’s Beauty 

Beliveau is more than just a family owned farm winery. Positioned on 165 acres, Beliveau has no shortage of breathtaking mountain views that welcome you home and introduce you to the vastness of nature that surrounds you in Montgomery County.  Bring the family along to venture out to the various trails that surround the property. Head to the overlook and on your way up (you can drive or walk) make sure to stop for a photo at the LOVEworks. When you’re at Beliveau you’ll feel as if the mountains are just as close as your family and friends.  

The Manor House

Great for a girl’s getaway or a retreat with your partner, the Manor House at Beliveau Farm Winery is the perfect escape to the countryside to relax and unwind. The Beliveau’s welcome you to the Manor House and will lead you to one of the five rooms. Several rooms have access to an outdoor private sitting area to take in the Blue Ridge Mountains. You’ll stay cozy in the winter months because each room has an electric fireplace to snuggle up in front of. A few steps away you’ll have access to the tasting rooms, lavender fields, and more unique experiences offered. 

Farm Festivities 

Certain weekends throughout the year offer unique activities to reserve and enjoy. Special dinners and holiday dining experiences occur around most major holidays. From June to August, the Dog Days of Summer, Lavender Festival, and Grape Stomping Festival are crowd favorites. You’ll  

PS. Don’t forget the bug spray in the spring and summer months. You’re in the mountains, of course.