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Hokie Traditions

Get settled in and then Go to Town! For those wanting to go to the game or those looking to skip out early, there is a plethora of delicious eats, indoor activities, and outdoor fun! If you forgot your swag at home (heaven forbid) head to Downtown Blacksburg, South Main Street, or Univerity City Boulevard in Blacksburg.

Know the Game:
Enter Sandman – Metallica’s Enter Sandman pulsates through Lane Stadium as the Virginia Tech Football Team makes their way into a maroon and orange filled stadium. Start jumping as soon as the anthem begins to get pumped for some good ol’ American football. Jump into one of the best college football entrances in America.

Key Plays – At the beginning of any third-down offensive play, have your car keys ready to shake because this is a Key Play! Quick tip: It is possible to jingle your keys and nom on an infamous turkey leg at the same time.

The Hokey Pokey (aka. Hokie Pokie) – The Virginia Tech Marching Virginians play the Hokey Pokey during certain half-time performances. Keep your eyes open to dance along with the Hokie Bird. Remember, you put your right foot in to start, that’s what it’s all about!

The Boom of Skipper – Don’t be startled when you hear the boom of Skipper the cannon after our team has entered the field and when they score a touchdown. Just be aware, you might start jumping from surprise!